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Tungsten Fabric is an open source network virtualization solution for providing connectivity and security for virtual, containerized or bare-metal workloads.

Tungsten Fabric supports integrations with the following orchestrators:

BYOO [Bring your own orchestrator]

Tungsten Fabric is a part of the Linux Foundation Networking Fund, a project of the Linux Foundation.

Start using Tungsten Fabric

Deploy Tungsten Fabric in 15 minutes on AWS with Kubernetes

Deploy Tungsten Fabric on Kubernetes in 1-step command - Centos

Deploy Tungsten Fabric on Kubernetes in 1-step command - Ubuntu

Deploy Tungsten Fabric On-Prem with Openstack

Tungsten Fabric Detailed Architecture Document

Tungsten Fabric Detailed Architecture Document (Simplified Chinese)

Becoming a contributor

Whether you want to fix a typo in comments or introduce a brand new feature, there are a few steps which make the process smoother:

With all of these in place, you are now ready to submit your specs and code to Tungsten Fabric! How to write these specs and code is a different story though, but we hope the links in the next section will help you to get started. You may also want to consult a more detailed how-to available here, in the contrail-community-docs repo. And of course, feel free to ask questions on the mailing list and in Slack channels!

Start developing Tungsten Fabric

Build Tungsten Fabric

Debug Tungsten Fabric

Development Timeline

NOTE: The columns and dates below are subject to change. An effort is still underway to reconcile Tungsten Fabric processes and previously established Juniper practices with respect to Contrail development timelines.

Release Blueprint Due Specification Due Dev Complete GA Release
5.0       2018-04-23
5.0.1       2018-07-16
5.1 2018-07-15 2018-08-22 TBD Q1 2019

Column Meanings